We Are One|The 7 Seas Are Really One….|Oneness

Eva Rozier| IE | Author

We all connect through an unseen force on Mother Earth. This unseen force is “space” which holds liquid information. We know now that space is not empty, it’s very dense and full of energy. The word “space” doesn’t define where you stop and where I start, it defines where we connect instead. How so? Well, scientific research shows that we live in a holographic universe and on different scales of matter we have the same level of energy inside our bodies as the entire universe does. Yes, that’s right.

From spiritual teachers to physics teachers, they agree that we have the universe inside of us. This is important to understand wholly because the more that understand this the more we unite in this thought process which increases the collective consciousness on Earth. When unified in the same thought process is when huge changes can be made on Mother Gaia, Mother Earth.