Man Made UFOs? Massive Campaign Disinformation?Alien Threat Narrative? WAIT…WHAAAAT?

Man Made UFOs? Massive Campaign For Disinformation? Alien Threat Narrative? WAIT…WHAAAAAT?

Eva Rozier | IE | Copyright June 7, 2021

Is there a 70 year old strategic plan by the CABAL or DS to say there is a big UFO threat around the world that causes us to unite world wide through a militaristic totalitarian effort?   The flying triangles that is trending on social media and throughout traditional media news shows “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or UAPs is pretty interesting. What’s more interesting is the fact that these no are longer called UFOs but are now called UAPs to start with. So instead of using the term UFO we are now using the term UAP or USP “Unidentified Submersible Phenomena”. What is the importance of this? Who makes up these terms anyway? 

Personally a UAP, USP or UFO is all the same thing, it’s “unidentifiable” or is it? Were human beings able to back engineer technology from other beings in the Universe? Has there been a major “cover up” taking place to discredit information that we have this technology and have for years? Well folks, this may be the case.What does this mean? It means that over the years there have been many people to know something that the massive collective on Earth does not know, that we have this amazing technology that would change all of human kind. 

Due to a COVID-19 relief bill that Trump signed the Pentagon was supposed to release files that were once unknown to the public about “extraterrestrial” crafts. It’s extremely confusing when the “report” is just some guy with a smirk on his face saying “NO EVIDENCE OF ALIEN SPACE CRAFT” but at the same time can not say what the “tic-tac” shaped flying phenomenon is.  Does this mean that they are man made then? The US intel report makes NO definitive findings about UFOs. This means they aren’t saying they are UFOs and they aren’t saying they aren’t. Well duh, if that isn’t an answer within itself then what is? 

What we the people should try to understand is that there is a major campaign taking place to make HUGE waves of disinformation. This report from the director of national intelligence was supposed to be released early on June 1, 2021 but has been delayed and  its due date June 25, 2021 but we may never get a report because the report was indefinite. One good question to ask ourselves as a collective is why is the element of surprise so important? 

We now have weapons in space. This is something that many of us as a collective don’t even think about. What’s the reason these weapons are in space for? Who built them? What countries are involved? “The report comes at a time when a number of countries, including Japan, France, South Korea and the United States, are expanding or standing up military organizations specifically focused on space, with officials in those nations hinting at, if not outright declaring, the need to expand their respective space weapon capabilities.”

“While the Partial Test Ban Treaty and the Outer Space Treaty place limits on the weaponization of space, Harrison argues there is no real consensus on what the weaponization of space means — even as it is becoming impossible to deny that a number of nations already have space weapons.”

So yes, weapons in space, weapons on Earth. I’m guessing this is human nature to want to protect what is ours but is Earth ours? There are many questions to ask regarding this. In February 2021 former US intelligence CIA agent goes out on the news reports that he was a victim of a “microwave weapon”. He states the CIA did not support him or believe him at first. He was officially diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. I’ve linked the report below and it is mind boggling. Why is main stream media covering stories like this now?

Dr.  Steven Greer “founded the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) in 1990 to create a diplomatic and research-based initiative to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. The official statements regarding its intentions also included a new category of extraterrestrial encounters, namely CE-5 or ‘close encounters of the fifth kind’.

“This was defined by Greer as human initiated contact and/or communication with extraterrestrial life. Since its inception, the organization has spent anywhere between $3.5 million and $5 million to achieve its goals. The organization claims to have over 3,000 confirmed reports of UFO sightings by pilots, and over 4,000 proofs of what they describe as landing traces. This refers to incidents where UFOs have supposedly left behind trace evidence, such as electromagnetic readings, after landing on Earth. The organization utilizes ‘Rapid Mobilization Investigative Teams’ with the aim of arriving at landing sites as quickly as possible. CSETI has defined a protocol for human initiated contact to UFOs using consciousness.”

Dr. Greer says we all can make peaceful contact with ET by the use of meditation through higher states of consciousness. He is working hard to make sure we the people know the truth and that we learn to see through the false narratives that mainstream media portrays. He is working on releasing a documentary this month that helps the collective on a world wide scale understand that ET life forms are not hostile and are helping humanity.

In the 70’s a man named Ted Peterson also wrote about this. He reports that that making contact is actually apart of spirituality.

Does our government want us to think there’s an alien invasion so they can control the overall collective even more? Who is Daniel Sheehan? What is his role in all of this? Does Luis Elizondo, the man in the recent 60 mins interview about UFOs know something we don’t know? These are questions we should ask ourselves, is there a plan to create an alien invasion narrative? Who knows, I’m just happy the mainstream media is now discussing this topic but for years now the truth has been hidden and we deserve answers.

The Seven Seas Are Really One

Author: Eva Rozier, IE, RYT 200, RN, Starseed / Copyright 2020

We all connect through an unseen force on Mother Earth. This unseen force is “space”. We’ve learned now that space is not empty, it’s very dense and full of energy. The word “space” doesn’t define where you stop and where I start, it defines where we connect instead.

How so? Well, scientific research shows that we live in a holographic universe and on different scales of matter we have the same level of energy inside our bodies as the entire universe does. Yes, that’s right. We live in a holographic universe!

From spiritual teachers to physics teachers, they agree that we have the universe inside of us. This is important to understand completely because the more that understand this the more we unite in this thought process which increases the collective consciousness on Earth. When unified in the same thought process is when huge changes can be made on Mother Gaia, Mother Earth.  

Do you see the ocean a whole body of water or the ocean as single divided particles of water? Of course any person would answer it is a body of water and a whole. What is water though? You all know that water is a chemical makeup of one atom of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen.

What is an atom? Easy enough, an atom is the smallest unit of matter that has a nucleus, quarks, electrons and protons. These separate particles that make up a water molecule as we know it as a whole molecule. When you drink a cup of water are you drinking thousands of atoms that are combined together or thousands of water molecules? Yes!!!!!!, you are but we do not think of it that way, we think of the cup of water as a whole cup of water correct? Pan out, see the whole picture in its entirety, we are human and have this ability to think at this level.

We know now because it was studied in the laboratory by physics scientist, the little tiny proton has particles are entangled that connect them like vessels that connect our organs. At the end of each connection or entanglement there is a thing called the “Planck unit” inside of the proton (it is super tiny, I mean tiny). One proton connects to ALL other protons in the universe. All particles and all “black holes” in the universe are entangled through these vessels that some call “worm holes”. 

(In particle physics and physical cosmologyPlanck units are a set of units of measurement defined exclusively in terms of four universal physical constants, in such a manner that these physical constants take on the numerical value of 1 when expressed in terms of these units.)- Wikipedia

Everything is entangled like how inside our body our organs and cells are connected through our vessels. So we know that particles are connected in this similar way. There is a certain way that scientist connects these particles in the lab and have done MULTIPLE experiments to PROVE this. This is NOT made up but sounds like it could be, right? There is an equation that has the mass of the universe in it and the mass of one proton of the universe has been calculated to have that same mass inside of it. NO KIDDING. This is not “quantum weirdness”, it’s not fiction, and this has actually been studied in detail by some amazing scientist.

No particle is separate from the other! Proven in the laboratory!

Once we all understand that everything is connected through this network of unseen vessels thought our atoms, inside our protons, we know that the idea of oneness is a fact.

When measured in laboratory particles two particles can be entangled at instantaneous speed. If we measure one particle is manipulated then the other one no matter how far away is also manipulated at the same speed, no matter if it’s done at the speed of light. There is no delay in this manipulation of information to be transferred to the other at the same exact time. This proves how PRAYER works. Spiritual teachers….preachers….does prayer work?

It seems so elementary to even ask these simple questions to yourself but the truth is that on our planet Earth we have the mindset of division on the large scale of things. As we become more conscious of the unified field of life then we start to become aware that all of life are all just waves of vibration of the underlying unified field of consciousness. Oneness is the essential truth, the all. 

“The ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental”-

 1st Hermetic Principle (ancient knowledge)

Let’s get on the scale of the Mother Earth now, the scale of how our Earth is connected. Have you ever looked at a spinning model globe or a map and noticed that the seven seas are all connected? Have you ever even thought about it? Yes we all know these seven seas on the earth with different names all connect but think about it for a minute. Pause reading this and really think about it. 

The Seven Seas Are Really One
And then on this scale….each planet makes the whole solar system….

It is reasonable to say that these seas all have separate names for geological location references but it does go much deeper than that on a subconscious level. The oceans that we know as SEPERATE all CONNECT.  We as a human race will progress to a much more advanced society once we start to realize that we are all connected like the body of the ocean in a collective body of living consciousness.

Water has been a source of spiritual teachings in ancient times.

The symbolism of water is powerful. Why do these religions speak so much of water? The reason is that water has such a deep subconscious root inside our minds, bodies and souls. We use water to clean, to get baptized, and to give life. Water is used in every single day of our lives. Babies grow in water in the womb of women.

All religions see water as being sacred. The stories of water told in Christianity, in Hinduism, in Buddhism, in Taoism, told by Native Americans, and in Judaism are all used for some sort of spiritual lesson. Water truly does connect us all to the source of life on more than the physical level and what is the source of life? Emotion? Love? Spirit? Energy. 

 There is a unified field at the bases of all of life, the unity is consciousness. Universal consciousness brings us to having an OCEAN of existence. We are all united at the core.

As we grow to understand this, we become enlightened. The Universe is conscious, this means that it is a living thing as well and its heart beat is our consciousness. We are all a part of the universe. The deeper you begin to understand this you more you begin to realize science has proven this over and over again. Scientist agree that there is a unified source, the unified field. What is consciousness made up of? Emotion. 

Look at our Mother Earth for valuable spiritual lessons is something that is deeply rooted inside all of us through our genetic makeup. Our ancestors have a profound imprint on our genes passed down to us and all of that stored up information is apart of who we are. By being able to see that the one very thing that gives life is water and taking this opportunity to grow by using the lessons it has to teach us the human race will be able to unit on a conscious level.

Planetary consciousness, all of us knowing we are one, really is the key to what we all create for ourselves. The more of us that begin to think at this higher perspective, the more that we all will change some deep rooted subconscious division that divides me from you and you from me. Nature really is smarter than we as human beings are. 

Here is a poem wrote in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew swept away the island I was living on. Using Mother Nature as an example of how she can teach us to have an unconscious cleans.

“Life Is a Gift”

Subtitled: Unconscious Cleanse

(Hurricane Matthew 2016)Eva Rozier

Foundations melt into the sea-

Existence of reality torn into two separate pieces.

From the center of consciousness, inferior to the heart

Set free from beautiful, natural destruction.

Gripped carpels holding tight to the stake that makes its claim,

Unable to be lifted with much force-

She cries out for her father into the light.

Her face weathered with premature lines of fear.

Her shelter is her dream-

Her dream is her shelter.

Pink flamingos sway with the wind-

Flags shredded from shard debris.

Natures broom sweeps its bristles across the country

Sections devised will begin to piece together unrealizable gain of intuition.

As one, he wants us to be in the fear of his hand-

In the fear of his hand, he wants us to be as one.

She sees beyond the horizon of black-

Into the depths of weightlessness.

The water flows into interstitial crevices of reality.

A genius of cleans and growth!

2016 Eva Rozier

“The supreme goodness is like water. It benefits all things without contention. In dwelling, it stays grounded. In being, it flow to depths. In expressions, it is honest. In confrontation, it stays gentle. In governance it does not control. In action, it aligns to timing. It is content with its nature, and therefore cannot be faulted.” Tao Te Ching- Passage #8.

This accent passage proves how nature can teach us profound deep rooted lessons. Water is flexible put can cut large grooves in the earth over time as the river bed flows. 

The Arctic Ocean, The North Atlantic Ocean, The South Atlantic Ocean, The Indian Ocean, The North Pacific Ocean, The South Pacific Ocean and The Southern (or Antarctic) Ocean are only names we have given to this large body of water on the Mother Earth we all live on. This ONE BODY of OCEAN all CONNECTS AND CONNECTS ALL, the:

Seven Seas Are Really One. And this is a beautiful thing.

I will say it once more oneness is essential truth, the all

Take a Walk in The Quantum Field of Love

Author: Eva Rozier, RN/ IE/ RYT 200/ Starseed/ Lightworker

The joyful journey

YOU are the answer to YOU

Time is a PERSISTENT illusion that is INSISTENT

Today is ___/____/____ BUT….time is only an illusion. Have you ever gone without seeing a loved one for a long period of time like days, like months or like years passed? When you see this loved one after this long period of time does it feel like time passed at all? Time is not linear, not in a straight line like we are taught it is. What else is an illusion in this so-called world of “reality”? Have you ever been in a dream that seemed so real to only wake up from the dream and wish that dream was the reality? The way I understand reality is in the form of density. 

  • When you use your imagination to visualize what you want to see if your “future” it actually is happening in the “now”. Know that “time” is only a word we gave to define moments. Make your intuition become your tactical reality. 
  • Is this all there is? When you remember the “past” or think about your “future” isn’t it in this moment of the NOW that you are experiencing this moment?
  • Feel for your next best thought. Emotion is energy.

The “law of one” speaks of 8 densities of awareness. I can say that personally I had dreams that took me to another density of reality. Dreaming of demons, dreaming of angels, dreaming of orb spirits, dreaming of aliens, dreaming of meeting prophetic guides and dreaming of being in layers of time stacked in one over my years on Earth taught me about this. Creation does have several levels of density, it is not linear like we are taught. Who is to say that reality is not also a dream we awake from? By linear I mean in a straight line past, present then future line. Would you agree that while in a dream that you believe it’s real? 

The law of one“Ra” Material states: This is super interesting and I recommend that if you are unaware of the law of one to research it in detail. It is NOT like the law of attraction in its content at all. This is proof of a person being able to tap into that “infinite information” from the universe that is timeless. 

  1. First density- awareness
  2. Second density- growth
  3. Third density- self- awareness
  4. Fourth density- love/understanding/ social memory complexes
  5. Fifth density- light or wisdom- able to shape physical form
  6. Sixth density- unity, lessons cannot be mastered without unity
  7. Seventh density- gateway density, become one with the all
  8. Eighth density- both omega and alpha/ spiritual mass of the infinite universe/ becoming creator

You have the ability through meditation and through focus to take control of your journey through this life time here on Earth. OVER AND OVER and over again story after story there has been people claiming that they had an afterlife experience that was “realer” than this reality we “live” in now. We must know that we have control of the manifestations we see in our life through emotion. Emotion is the key to fine tuning the information that will guide you through this walk in life. 

You have to make a decision to take control and rewire your subconscious thought process with emotion! I’ve said this before but paying attention to how you feel is SO important. This is a KEY factor to any outcome. Outcomes are manifestations or fruits of life are directly grown by how you feel. What is it that you are feeling about yourself now in life? 

Focus is a skill


This brain of ours has different operations to different areas in the brain. The frontal lobe is called the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for the decision making skills and regulating our behavior and self-control/willpower. When taken care of and worked out to have the skill of focus it unlocks potential within. Being mindful is the brain at work. Give your brain a work out and become a more mindful person. 

  • Get enough sleep
  • Listen to daily positive affirmations
  • Meditate
  • Gain integrity (do what you say and say what you do) 
  • Trust yourself, don’t let yourself down
  • Take time for yourself

These simple tasks can help you light up your frontal lobe. Because in this life what you do affects what I do and vice versa. What you do affects me and what that affects is collective consciousness. 

You are a genius

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


Being grateful for what you were born into this world is what will set you on your right path in life. Having the understanding that you have a special contribution to this planet’s wellbeing is what will make a huge shift in this planet’s future along with your own future. Once you gain this knowing that it is gratitude that will make a shift in your paradigm of reality then you know others have this same faculty or power inside. 

What does the word genius mean? CREATIVE POWER, NATURAL ABILITY OR exceptional intelligence. Notice the word OR. When most people think about the word genius they think high IQ. This is not 100% true though. For example, the Henry Ford story. Most know the story but basically he had as much as an elementary school education YET he built the FIRST gas combustion engine and grew RICH by coming up with a MASTERMIND GENIUS plan. He is just ONE example. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of my personal spiritual guides of my lifetime. In his GENIUS ways he helped MANY, MANY souls on this Earth see this truth. He said “Genius is a potential that lives within you and every other human being. You have many moments of genius in your lifetime.”  Dr. Dyer also knew that everything connects, we are one. He taught others that there is no such thing as luck, everything connects to everything else but NO BODY on this planet is EXCLUDED from this UNIVERSAL power which is intention. What does intention have to do with being a GENIUS? Well intention is a source of POWER inside it is the ROOT of desire. Desire blossoms from intention like a flower from its stem. Then desire is what sets forth into action a materialistic manifestation like publishing a book. 

Your uniqueness and unique creative ideas make you a genius. YES you have a special creative power inside, WE ALLLLLLLLL DO! So it would be in your benefit to CLAIM it! You are a genius. Practice these small lessons:

  • Listen to your internal compass.
  • Have a clear visual of what your intention is. 
  • Don’t be afraid to face fear so you take action.
  • Pray or silently talk to yourself for validation.
  • Be appreciative for what you have now so that more will grow.
  • Remind yourself daily that you are a spiritual being not just physical.
  • Give no credit to your TITLE, practice egoless-ness.
  • Remove doubt so that you have a KNOWING.
  • Make things simple for yourself. 
  • Look for the GENIUS in others. 

Stay connected to your inner self first so that you can stay connected to all. 

Will Power Takes Practice

When you eat that apple a day, the negative thoughts start to decay.

You have the power to do anything you put your mind to. This statement is simple but complex and at times can seem to not quite match up with our belief about where we are now in life as evidenced by our own self-talk. Our conscious minds have the power to direct our subconscious minds since our subconscious does not have the ability to reject any information. Our subconscious mind is where our emotional state originates from without knowing. The fact is we are tapping into parts of our mind we are not comfortable with and stepping out into unknown territory when we face the fears we have internalized. Gaining a better understanding of our own self is not the easiest thing to do. It really does take work and it takes studying about it to truly gain a strong grasp on it. 

Our subconscious mind must accept what our conscious mind tells it. It cannot tell the difference between what is real or what is imagined. If you can visualize yourself to do something then you already have it. THAT IS THE TRUTH. Now, it’s not like you can just visualize it one time and it manifests in your life. You have to visualize this daily. Not only do you have to visualize this you need to feel it in your heart deeply with an emotional state of love. Let your intentions to whatever it is you are desiring in your life come from a place of love and gratitude. When you do this, study it, see it there in your mind and have it there in your heart regularly and daily then you will be able to also hold it in your hand. 

Fear boils down to self-image. Are you the kitten or are you the lion? PURRRR or ROOOAAAR? What is it that you tell yourself about yourself? This knowledge is so powerful and TRUE. You have to know that YOU are responsible for telling yourself what it is that YOU tell yourself. What you tell yourself is YOUR TRUTH!!!! Why would you curse yourself? People do though because they lack insight into internal dialogue. Learn to love yourself so you quit cursing yourself. I don’t mean saying dirty words to yourself I mean cursing yourself by claiming ANYTHING that is negative self-talk. Once you are able to recognize this and recognize where your fear is branching from then are will recognize a freedom from your fear!!! It is just that simple. Go in that CAVE and GET YOUR TREASURE!!!

Take a walk and remind yourself of four key aspects to gain will power.

  • Just before the point of breaking in life changes your mindset, re-evaluate your internal dialogue.
  • Listen to daily positive affirmations, it’s just this simple to rebuild what may have been knocked down.
  • Take time to be alone with you and your mat, I mean breath.
  • Empower others so that you are empowered, you cannot teach it unless you are also putting it into action. 

Will power comes strong in life when you have an almost breaking point. We all go through these in life there is not one person that has a super perfect life without struggle. Struggle at some point and in some shape or form is only measured by you. You decide what your struggle is and decide if the struggle will produce the goal you are aiming for or not. Not one person in life made it to the top without failure, it takes practice to gain this willpower which then turns into faith. You KNOW without any wavering doubts that you WILL do this because you WILL do that. 

Going for that but getting this

“If you are the antenna then your emotion is the dial”. Nassim Haramein

Our NERVOUS SYSTEM acts like an ANTENNA which is tuned to and responds to magnetic fields produced by the hearts of other individuals. This type of communication is called “energetic communication.” This type of communication is believed to be the ability that amplifies our awareness and facilitates important features of true empathy and sensitivity to others. This communication is reported to be an enhanced and deepened communication skill we have as humans. Don’t all antennas have a dial? What is more important: the ANTENNA or the dial? BOTH! They work together for fine tuning specific information like we all do every day of our lives. So what is the dial? Emotion. 

When you set forth on a new journey and find yourself with an entirely different outcome that what you expected to know it is your own self talk that sent out to the universe the outcome you got.  

Because we all know by now that it is scientifically proven we all have an energy field we now need to understand that it can become cluttered up. This field of ours can be measured and is a science.  The way you feel is a representation of your energy field. Are you feeling low, tired, and foggy minded, overwhelmed, living with no passion and have negative thoughts? Then ask yourself what things do you need to let go? What is it that you have too much of in your life? To be at a high frequency state of vibration and attract into our life what we desire we must have balance. 

 Being in balance with emotions is the first way to de-clutter your energy field. Eat the correct foods for your body. Get in touch with how you feel when you eat this and when you eat that. The truth is not one of us balances our fields the same way or are able to eat the same things to have balance. While I may eat a banana to have balance you may need a cup of yogurt or a hamburger. We cannot hold onto our truths about what we believe is whole foods because the truth is that we are all made up differently. 

Too much love and joy makes you out of balance too. You have to rest just as much as you feel that joy. Sleeping or meditation, same benefit. This is so important to maintain your balanced vibration. As you are able to become conscious about how you feel then you will able to control this energy field you have as well. Know that when you wake up every day your energy is cleared. 

The first thing in the morning is to wake up and be thankful for something. Latch onto a thought of the day and share it with others. By being grateful for being in the now, it speeds up your momentum towards what it is in your life that you are desiring. Tune yourself to love and be grateful for your sheets on your bed when you open your eyes. Make this a habit, be grateful for the t-shirt you are wearing and how soft it is. By doing this you take any resistance away from manifesting desires in your life because your focus is on bringing those emotions in that helps you to be tuned in to love, tapped in to the source that is higher than us, and turned on to being conscious of these emotions. Embrace the contrast that you bring to the world, allow yourself to have conversations about some fascinating facts with others and see how the universe will start to bring into your life what you are thinking about. 

  • It feels so good to wake up to the birds singing outside-
  • These sheets feel so good wrapped around my warm body-
  • This pillow is so snuggly-
  • I feel so rested and refreshed-
  • I have a nice sleeping space-
  • Today will be a good day-
  • Today something amazing will happened-
  • Because I know that how I feel attracts the more of that same feeling I will focus on feeling good today-
  • The universe always lines things up just perfectly for me-
  • I have the ability to change my reality by seeing myself in the future-
  • I make it a habit to create POSITIVE change in my life-
  • I am abundant-
  • Because I know that abundance comes in many forms and I define what it is, I will be grateful for what I have now knowing I have all I need already-
  • I am grateful for this new day-
  • As I breathe in this new day air into my lungs I breathe in confidence and exhale fear-
  • I am a confident person in my own abilities and specialties-
  • What I say becomes-
  • I am ok with my own imperfections –
  • I am perfectly imperfect-
  • I forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made-
  • I only grow stronger every day I live-
  • I am in control of me-
  • I am connected to the universal intelligence-
  • I am a creator-
  • I know I have a purpose in this universe, what I do matters-
  • I am growing in my spirituality every day-
  • I make it a habit to say positive affirmations to myself every single day-
  • I have integrity-
  • Because I am able to do what I say and say what I do, I know I am a creator-
  • I think and I grow rich –
  • I am wealthy-
  • I am a GENIUS-
  • I am special-
  • Because I have the ability to define what wealth is, I know I have wealth in my life already-
  • I know what I focus on I bring more of in life-
  • When I focus on the wealth I already have in my life, I know more is SURE to come-

Namaste- the light in me bows to the light in you. 

We can achieve this together. I am here to serve you and you are here to serve me. We grow together as a collective consciousness and what we say to ourselves on the daily bases matters and affects all outcomes on Earth. What we tell ourselves daily affects our outcomes. If you’ve ever gone for something with a certain goal but got a different outcome, one not desired it is only because you told yourself opposite than those positive affirmations you just read above. Practice saying these every day in your life for the rest of your life to grow rich in your idea of what wealth is so you can give to others. 

Finish what you start

Integrity is the name of the game

I used to think that going with the flow in life was the way to live an abundant life but I was wrong. Having a definite plan and following through with it is the way to accomplish anything in life. Some people think that going with the flow means just waiting for things to happen for you and going with it is how to live a happy life full of health, wealth and happiness. The truth is that going with the flow is not knowing that you are actually in charge of the flow. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CREATES THE FLOW. 

Yes, I believe in “Ease and Flow” but this does not mean just chilling out waiting for things to happen for you. YOU HAVE to make plans to see a dramatic shift in your paradigm. Having a plan and sticking with it until it is completed all the way is what creates this shift. Finish what you start all the way. Practice this when you cook a meal. Cooking a meal involves planning it, cooking it and then wrapping it up by cleaning and storing away any leftovers. It does not just involve cooking. 

Having integrity builds a strong foundation in your personal character. This does take practice along with focus to master. By being mindful of finishing what you start you can make a change in others life because what you do affects what I do and so on and so on. 

Be inspired and meeting in the middle

Inspiration is a form of energy, when you become inspired a JOLT of emotion runs through your veins. This emotion that runs through your veins then runs through your cells then runs through you atoms that make up the cells then to those protons that have an even smaller unit the “plank”. Emotion creates a certain drive to get things done. When you feel yourself being inspired this is your SPIRIT telling you that this is your path. 

Meeting in the middle means that you can’t always STAND YOUR GROUND. In order for growth you have to be willing to bend and meet in the middle. Having a fixed idea of how reality is and standing in PRIDE will only keep you in your same reality. NOTHING will evolve and this applies to everything else in your life. It plays out in relationships with others as well. Something to think about, when something resonates with you but not your 100% belief at this time, bend so that you meet that idea at least half way in order to create change. 

Receiving mode

5 minutes of meditation a day gets you there 

Tune in to the higher source of energy that moves to you, in you, through you and then back out of you and just be happy. Feel the feeling of what love feels like to you. When we have things thrown away as speed bumps in the road we can either let the thoughts carry us into a panic mode or get centered and know that we are the ones in control of our emotions by our thinking process. Can anything be dangerous about you feeling happy instead of feeling sad all the time? Yes, we have to go through processes sometimes to accept what reality is but when we get into a wiser way of thinking we process things differently. 

 Our bodies have a true physical response to a negative state of mind. It is ok to notice you go through this at times but do not let it take you down that same rabbit hole that it has in the past, do not allow the same cycles to happen. Notice that your emotions are related to your thoughts and decide instead to just feel good and just feel happy. I think you should be happy today, be happy every day. Yes, you deserve to be happy every day. It becomes a habit when you start to practice it then others start to notice. Why are you so happy? Because I choose to be, there does not have to be a reason. 

 Try telling people that ask you why you are so happy when they ask that your happiness depends on you and they are off the hook. Then, be happy no matter what is going on. Show them that it is ok to be happy even though the world is spinning fast. This is when you learn a great habit, not letting anyone else hold the responsibility of making you happy or making you the way you feel at all ever.

 Love others in ways you have never loved them before BECAUSE you have no reason to not love anyone! If nobody is responsible for your emotional state except for you then you have NO EXCUSE anymore to USE ANYONE ever again as an EXCUSE to not feel good. Don’t say “I don’t feel good because ________ did this or _______ didn’t do that.” Do not say “_________ makes me so happy because______ or _________makes me so mad because they did ________.” Truth of this is that you feel that way because you have chosen to do so. Yes, it’s nice when others pay you a compliment or give you a gift but you have to choose to feel good regardless of what the outside physical world is doing.

Circuitry Creates Circumstances

Author: Eva Rozier, HSP /IE

Copyright 2019  : All original art by Eva Rozier


Even though we may not think about this much as we live our life out but our bodies are full of electricity running through biological wires known as nerves. Our nervous system, our heart, our muscles, our emotions and our outcomes are all intertwined in this vast network of electricity. By understanding we have these lightning bolts of electrical surges running through our bodies we can identify the fact that these electrical pulses are what create our circumstances.

Let’s take a minute to breakdown the meaning of the word circumstance. Where did this word come from and what do you feel when you say this word? When you say this word you think of coincidences, something that happened to you or something you wound up in. What are coincidences though? Where does this word originate from?


  • Circumstances origin come from the combination of the word circle + stand = encircles….
  • Circuit origin comes from the word circle….
  • Coincidences origin comes from the word coincide….
  • Coincide means: Co(together) incide( fall into)  or to occupy the same space….


Knowing these facts about the origination of these particular words we become to understand that our circumstances which we may perceive as being coincidences or out of our control work together with our control. Point blank, we are electrically wired and it is our emotions that give this internal nervous system of ours the electrical spark. As we begin to understand this we become aware that our circuitry creates our circumstances or that our circuitry coincides with our outcomes.

When we begin to know that it is in our ability to create our outcomes then this is when our outcomes start to change. We start to understand that it is our feelings that manifest matter.  This is when you stop saying it is what it is and say what is now is not what will be knowing you have the ability to change any given outcome by your emotional standpoint. You then know that you can control your emotional standpoint by bringing yourself to the center of this circle of circuitry running through your body.

Where do our emotions come from if they are so important for creating our outcomes, our manifestations in life? Does our nervous system have a memory? We know water has memory and we know the memory of water is affected by our emotional state. Of course our nervous system has memory this is called our limbic system.  This limbic system is our body’s emotional center of the nervous system and studies show it originates from our hearts.


Now, because we live in a holographic universe (everything is inside of everything), we can have clarity that suppressing this understanding closes us off. When our mind expands it allows a bigger opening for insight into some big questions of life during a spiritual growth path.


Above is from displaying today’s actual collective frequency June 14, 2019.

Close your eyes and imagine the Earth basking in cosmic rays, the Sun with its solar flare and the Schumann resonances surrounding Earth. These are all surges of the electrical energies and this is also how our Autonomic Nervous system functions as well. The things “outside” of yourself are really connected to what is inside you. We hear all the time that our great spiritual teachers that have walked this Earth advise about going within.  Without going within we cannot consciously perceive what is outside of ourselves. So, having the grasp on this we can have a clear picture knowing we create our circumstances and they are not something happening to us but for us instead.

 Today June 14, 2019 our the Earth’s Schumann Resonance Is 46Hz- These are very high vibrations and our Earth’s frequency is vibrating higher and higher.

Some may say this is unexplained but we intuitively know that the collective consciousness effects that the Earth’s frequency as our human collective frequency increases and science has backed this up.

Interdimensional Beings, The Cabal & Kundalini Energy

Author: Eva Rozier

June 2019 Copyright

As human beings we are full electrical circuitry with surges of electricity flowing through our bodies every ticking second we know that this electricity is not only inside of us but all around us as well. Have you ever touched someone and by accident a spark shocks the two of you? If you are human then yes, at some point of your life this shock of energy happened in collaboration with the touch of another. This same energy is what is used to fuel the collective consciousness on Earth, any powerful forces like the Cabal and a Kundalini awakening.


The Cabal is this hush hush group of entities that have plotted secret factors into our society along with integrating alliances against our own government. The origin of this word in Hebrew means “tradition” or something handed down. What is tradition in our society and what does tradition create? Christmas, Halloween, Easter…..on and on. What comes to your mind first off? Sales, money, stores packed with seasonal goods for consumers to consume. Yes, maybe you can claim it’s all fun and games until that is you have a Kundalini awakening.



Once this awakening happens you shift your insight into why you do what you do or why you believe what you believe. Being that these traditions have been passed down to us they truly are fueled by the energy and the hype we as a collective create around them. The Cabal has not only used this one factor to control the Earth’s destiny they have also used many other ways of manipulating the human race into being in a state of wakeful sleepiness.

As you know this kundalini awakening has to do with energy traveling from the base of your spine up to your brain. This is a powerful energy inside of our bodies that allow us to tap into this cosmic state of awareness. This state of awareness opens us up to insight that there are interdimensional beings existing on the level of the etheric plane. As we ascend we also connect to these higher vibrations allowing us to have these dreams that take us out of this linear time.


It’s hard to explain in words about these beings because our language is not their language. The subject at hand is just so vast and so broad to even put into words. There are angelic beings and there are reptilian beings and these both have attachments to us according to our energetic frequency. If a person has not been fully awoke in their spiritual ascension this person may say that this is not true but as we do awake we see proof all around us. We can’t know that these interdimensional beings exist where time does not without knowing naming the rank of the dimension they come from also does not exist.

As humans it is hard to see past this veil of competition and these beings are not in competition with one another so we can not give them a number to rank them like 4th dimension verses 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th dimensions. Knowing the dimension I am on and the dimension they are on is entirely different is enough. Even as we use terms like raise frequency and ascension but isn’t this terminology  all based on linear numbers which humans created?


Lets say on this 3rd dimensional state of being we do have duality allowed, the free will to allow these attachments to entities but we unaware. This 3rd dimension is the material world and fear is the foundation. I’m guessing someone along the way figured out we are 3rd dimensional beings because we live in a 3D world, who knows? In this state though our chakras are blocked on this dimension, we live in the ego state on this dimension and we let fear rule every single action in our life.

On the 4th dimensional state of being we ascend into the magical dream like world and faith is the driving force. As we all ascend into this state this is when the Earth becomes a new Earth because the collective is shifted. The collective is a body like the body of water on the planet, think about if the oceans shifted how much it would effect life. This shifting of the collective at this higher frequency will cause dramatic changes on Earth no doubts. This 4th dimensional states is just another term someone thought up to be one rank higher than the 3rd but isn’t this too still on the linear system of competitive thinking? So, this subject really is hard to put into words but easy to empathically feel.


Higher states of consciousness with higher states of vibration allow for a panoramic view of the illusions that “reality” create. Being able to tap into this cosmic consciousness that Christ taught and that Buddha taught is within each and every single person walking the planet. There is a reason why Jesus is depicted with a halo around his head and so was Buddha along with other teachers known as “Gods” that walked the Earth.



The Cabal is thought to be certain individuals but actually the Cabal consists of negative energetic entities. These negative entities attach themselves to our bodies when we open the lines of communication with them. We do have the capability of opening these portals to these powerful negative attachments to these negative beings when we are not awakened to this reality. It isn’t about being one rank higher in the dimensional field but just being aware we really all are united.

We also do have the ability to open up our third eye chakra so we can experience this crown of informational energetic downloads on a cosmic level to tap into this higher dimensional world. While one dimensional world consist of light beings which live from a love energy state close with God the other consist of reptilian beings spreading evil and basking in the radiation of what we know as hell. When you see a “UFO” that is a ball of light, you are really seeing a light being which radiates out love. When you see a demon, you are seeing a reptilian being which radiates fear into our consciousness.



As our Earth collective awakens we will have to experience an end of tradition in order to transition away from how we are living in society now. This involves detaching some deep rooted belief systems as a collective body. As unlikely as this seems, there will be a undoubtedly certain cause or event that will shake our consciousness up enough so that the veil of the entire plot is unveiled, the curtain is lifted or shifted as we shift.


Some know this as “the event” but we have to understand this does not take place on linear time as we know it on Earth. This event takes place on the quantum level, the etheric level, the dimensional level of energetic fields of consciousness.There is a reason more and more humans are seeing these light beings manifest before them.


The Awoke, Empaths, Starseeds, Intuitives, Clairvoyants, Anyone that is Woke Up!

Author: Eva Rozier

Copyright June 2019

Mother Earth is about to CLIMAX into another decade in 2020. The awoke ones on this Earth have to toss and turn enough to wake those close to us up so that we are all on the same page, we all unite as a human race. We are understanding more and more that simple acceptance of the ether gradient is what creates forces instead boxing up and trying to warp space and time.



The collective consciousness gives power to the energy forces of this Earth we live on. There is much talk about the Cabal, Disclosure and UFO sightings this June 2019. As we lift this awareness as a whole or as a large group of people then that brings a new beginning which brings an end. The end is change and change is a must for growth, without change no flower ever blooms, no butterfly exists.

There is an increase in human beings that have awoken over the past several years. Those who have woken up are craving growth at an accelerated rate. Because it is in our nature for constant expansion we began to see that we have a say so in creating outcomes in our life. We’ve learned that the etheric state of being, the unseen energies on Earth are alive around us living in another higher dimension of existence. This is why more and more people are seeing light beings and orbs.






  • 1. a pleasant-smelling colorless volatile liquid that is highly flammable. It is used as an anesthetic and as a solvent or intermediate in industrial processes.
  • any organic compound with a structure similar to ether, having an oxygen atom linking two alkyl or other organic groups: “methyl”
  • 2. the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds: “nasty gases and smoke disperse into the ether
  • air regarded as a medium for radio: informal “choral evensong still wafts across the ether
  • 3. a very rarefied and highly elastic substance formerly believed to permeate all space, including the interstices between the particles of matter, and to be the medium whose vibrations constituted light and other electromagnetic radiation

Disclosure is not just about UFO sightings, it is about the exposure of the domino effect of the dark forces on this Earth affecting the collective consciousness. Songs about you not being in control of your life make the top hits list year after year and are being played 5 days a week overhead in the office speakers. Most people are not even aware that these songs have subliminal messages in them. Another part of disclosure is that we are starting to see that what we were taught has been twisted to control the mass consciousness of this Earth. In fact, those who incarnated as teachers like Jesus and Buddha that gave rise to the mass consciousness are all a piece of you too. I am that I am.

We know that we are co-creators and we do not have to let life happen to us but instead we let life happen for us. This is how manifestations take place and this is what having divine intelligence is all about. Full disclosure comes to those of us who are able to peel back that veil like “Truman” or Jim Carrey did on “The Truman Show” when he figured out that his life was nothing but an illusion.

Ji, Carrey


Hollywood movies trickle disclosure in a subliminal way as well and that move proves this. Jim Carrey of all people chose that role for a reason, because he is able to see through this illusion of life we are collectively living. Not that life is a joke but that you actually can lift that wall of disillusionment up to find your way in this massive universe.

Holly wood


This June those of us who are sensitive to energies are at a heightened attunement to the ether because of the energies hitting the Earth from raised collective consciousness. Only a few more months of 2019 before our planet will arrive into another century. Knowing that the highly sensitive awoken souls on the Earth see the significance in numbers and see’s that by adding 2020 we get the number 4. This 4 represents 4th dimension being.




Going from 3rd dimensional being to 4th dimensional being!


The Mask, The Person or Persona….I am…

Author: Eva Rozier
March 2019

We say “she was a good person”, how could she? We say “but he was a good person”, I can’t believe it. We say “I am a good person” so I deserve good things. Have you ever questioned what you are actually saying though? What does being a “good person” mean to you? What does this word we give to a human being even mean, person? Where does the word come from? Person? Can anyone really be a person at all? Are you a person? What are you really? What do you say you are? I am…..a good person? Is living in an act mean being a “good person”, does it? Who are you behind the persona…..?

Mask 1


Person comes from the word persona. What does the word persona mean? Well ask yourself. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you say the word persona? Mask…..drama….a play….a character…fiction….. Have there been days that you have scrolled through Facebook and noticed how much people upload the images of their self and their family that equates to the quality of life you’d expect that one would assume that is the equivalent of the sum of happiness. The role of the person is not who they are!

Sounds weird but it’s true………

Origin of person (

1175–1225; Middle English persone < Latin persōna role (in life, a play, or a tale) ( Late Latin: member of the Trinity), orig. actor’s mask < Etruscan phersu (< Greek prósōpa face, mask) + -na a suffix

Mask 2


The truth is we are not a person and from the inside looking out we only have a perception of who a person is. We as human beings go deeper in the depths of richness of life than just being a person; we are spirit that only our inner self deeply knows. Every single manifestation that is in the physical world is the outcome of the unseen, the mental thought, the idea of what could be. The unseen manifestation or idea comes from a higher self, an inner state of being, and the spirit. Where does the spirit come from? The spirit is the spark behind our eyes, the window to our souls, and the light of life.


What would you do if money did not exist? How would you really enjoy life?

I am


Being a person does not make us who we are. We are NOT what we do in life. We are not our jobs, our career or our job title. Take it away right now, imagine that in this second that you are unable to do that job that you identify your “I am” with. Then what? Who are you? If you are not your job title, who are you? Take it away and explore the inner. This concept for some may seem “far out” but actually it is about going “far in” and looking at the person you are from a higher perspective.


You are not your body. If you were your body then how are you the same human as you were when you were only 5 years old, 13 years old, 20 years old, 40 years old, 60 years old. As our bodies change, we remain intact with our soul at all times. Some of us get lost in life as we age, we go through heartache, we go through ups and downs but one thing really remains the same, our spirit. This is who we are, not our bodies and not our careers.


People hide behind their persona or their own manifestation creation of their person. How do we come up with this person or persona? You get lost to find your way. What is the whole notion of drama, the play? To create, to make up and remove yourself from your known reality to suspend yourself for a show, correct?

The stage is a place for fiction, right? Those persons on the stage or in the movie job is to get you so engaged that you think you are experiencing something real and evoking all the emotions that come attached to the reality of the stage. What if I told you that those actors or those people on stage are just a part of your made up reality? Life is the same.


How to be a “good person” or “real person” is to be how to be a “genuine fake”. Play with this idea… is a play and we are the act and audience in one.


World Wide Suppressed Technology|UFO Encounter | Review of New Bob Lazar Movie By Jeremy Corbell (NOW on iTunes or Amazon, GO WATCH IT!)


World Wide Suppressed Technology

UFO Encounter

Review of The New Bob Lazar Movie

(NOW on iTunes or Amazon, GO WATCH IT!)


Eva Rozier| IE| Author

One nation, under God, indivisible? This doesn’t seem the case these days. When our Government shut down has lasted a month in its lack of unity and created a CLEAR divisible line, it’s hard to see the USA as one nation anymore.  As an American that doesn’t like politics, the small details of what the truth is are meaningless to me. The big picture is what means most, the wholeness aspect, what affects the ALL.

What is the big picture? The big picture is the fact that our government sets an example to the youth of this nation or of this world. The big picture is that our government has ZERO control over what controls them, the head of the world control, the CABAL. Yes, I said it, the CABAL. First off before I get into the meat of this subject I want to say, there is a definite sense that we are ALL controlled by this strong force that can erase your identity. After all, the cabal is who programmed your supposed destiny for humanity looking at it from a higher perspective.

Not to take GOD out of the picture at all. We are still under God aren’t we? “One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all” we say? Hummmm, that is unless we ALLOW the hypnosis take place to snap us away from the ULTIMATE TRUTH. What is the ultimate truth? That truth is that WE CAN CREATE OUR WORLD, “they” have no control once “WE” ascend into the light of this truth and UNITE.

There is hypnosis involved in the music that is popular on the radio, the top hits. There is hypnosis involved in staring at the television for hours upon hours deep in trance watching meaningless game shows. Saying that all T.V. programing is bad because that wouldn’t be accurate, what I am saying is that we must take CAUTION that what we watch is actually being implanted into our deep subconscious mind. There is a reason why television shows are called programs…….just saying.


My UFO Encounter

Year 2001

As an IE, an intuitive empath, before I even knew that was a thing at the age of 7 years old I wrote about how I could “feel what others could feel” without them saying a word. Also, I never talked about it but I would close my eyes when I started to become more in tuned with control of this energy, and visualize the people I loved the closest to see what they were doing at that time. Unknown at the time, I was remote viewing them. Honestly, it was not until my late 30’s that I even knew this was a thing the military studied but I was doing it in my teens.

This drive for something more that I was being told was in me as a child. This knowing that there is something I was not being told stuck with me and is something my soul can’t lay to rest……………

Around the year 2001, my boyfriend at the time and I saw a ball of light coming into the Earth’s atmosphere at a high speed. We actually thought we were witnessing the end of the world and pulled over to clench onto each other tight. To our surprise this ball of light split into TWO and one of the balls imploded (not exploded) while the other trailed along. Also, the typical thing happened, we saw about 20 or more airplanes fly around this UFO.


That night, I went home and sent an email to NASA. You have to realize that in the early 2000’s cell phones and technology wasn’t as prevalent as it is now. I sat down at the family computer to type up this email in which I NEVER got a reply. NASA delayed a rocket launch that night for some unknown or unannounced reason. A few of my friends in the area saw the exact same thing. What do you do? We got excited then woke up the next morning, nothing happened, nothing was said. What did NASA know that they were hiding? Maybe this wasn’t NASA even involved in this, maybe this was the air force or was it?




World Wide Suppressed Technology

From an IE perspective, all the way Bob Lazar is telling the truth, ZERO doubts at all. He believed that American’s or even that all human beings should know what we found, what we are harboring on this electric Earth. This story summed up is that this brave man, in his younger years, was enlighten from knowing WE ARE NOT ALONE. His world flip flopped and did a 360 because his eyes saw, not just a UFO but multiple UFO’s and was asked to back engineer them for the government.

There is question as to why the government chose this young man at the time to do such a top secret “majestic” mission. Was it that somehow the government is controlled by another government that already knew his programming? It just so happens that 30 years later, this honest American has a thriving nuclear parts company. (Those of you that understand how our universal system works will know that this is of great importance.)

Feeling disillusioned by reality set in Bob Lazar was coerced into coming out publicly with this information for his own safety. The government that controls our government attempted to erase this man’s identity in several ways. Why would they do that? There must be a reason why someone took vast measures into seeing that his credentials were skewed in more than one way.

Mr. Lazar was trying to tell the world that there were technologies unknown to man and that we had them in our hands. No doubts about it, he was a part of a program but what his part was in this program is what the kicker is. Why did they choose him? Did they know somehow that he’d be able to tell his story in this way?

Whoever is in charge of the Earth’s governments knows that this suppressed technology has to remain suppressed due to the collapse of the world’s societal systems. If there is no need for gas anymore, if there is no need for jet fuel, no need for mass production of airlines and on and on you can play the scenario out in your head, what would happen?

Can our world keep going in the same direction as it is? Not at all. We live in a world that is natural and Mother Gaia is a giving goddess. Earth has a natural energy source, who created lightning? God, not the cabal. There is a reason why TESLA was so obsessed with lightning! This is PURE ELECTRICITY! There is free energy! The pharmaceutical industry also has a HUGE role to play. I know we already have a cure for cancer yet if this cure gets out then what? Same thing, the collapse of society as we know it. This collapse is GOING to happen sooner than later and it’s the MASS consciousness that will allow it to bring forth this ascension needed for humanity’s sake.