Solar Energies & Effects on Consciousness

Author: Eva Rozier

January 8, 2023

The Earth is constantly receiving energy from a variety of sources, both from within and from beyond our planet. This energy is essential for life on Earth which allows us to live and thrive in our environment. There is a constant ebb and flow of these energies, they never stay the same. There are many types of different energies coming in on Earth and it’s effecting our consciousness, causing high anxiety levels and causing many of us to have big epiphanies in our lives.  

Solar sun energy is the most abundant form of energy coming in on Earth along with the placement of the planet in outer space. Solar energy is generated by the sun and is proven to be the primary source of energy for all living things. Without the sun there wouldn’t be life. Solar energy is used to power homes, businesses, and industries all over the world. It is also used to generate electricity, which is used to power everything from computers to cars. Solar energy is also used to heat and cool buildings, and to provide hot water. Not only is solar energy used to power up electronics but it does the same to our bodies. Yes, it is proven that light from the sun powers up the mitochondria in the cells of your body creating energy for your body. Our bodies are electrical!!!!

Geothermal energy is another form of energy coming in on Earth. This energy is generated from the heat of the Earth’s core as known science has proven. This type of energy is used to generate electricity and to heat and cool buildings as well. Geothermal energy is becoming increasingly popular as a renewable energy source, as it is both clean and efficient.

Wind energy is also an important source of energy coming in on Earth. Wind turbines are used to generate electricity, and are becoming increasingly popular as a source of renewable energy. Wind energy is also used for transportation, as wind-powered ships and planes are becoming more common. Did you know that wind is actually caused by uneven heating of the Earth caused from the sun and Earth’s own rotation. As these energies coming in on Earth from the sun increase then the wind increases as well. The increase in winds on Earth cause natural hazards such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Finally, energy from the stars, the galaxy and universe is also coming in on Earth. We are all sitting on a sphere planet called Earth that is spinning really fast through space. Earth is in a galaxy that is also spinning fast which is moving through the Universe every single second of your life. Star energy is generated from the burning of hydrogen and helium in stars and is used to power satellites and spacecraft. This energy is also used to power astronomical observatories, and is used to study the universe. As we on this planet move through outer space we also move through energies effecting every single bit of life on this planet.

In conclusion, the Earth is constantly receiving energy from a variety of sources. Solar, geothermal, wind, star, galaxy and universe energy are all important sources of energy coming in on Earth. These energies are used to power homes, businesses, and industries, and are becoming increasingly important as renewable energy sources. These energies also effect the human body and as they increase it effects our electrical system in our body.

Our bodies are made up of 70-80% water, cells and electrical energy. This electrical energy also known as life force energy, prana energy, chi energy or Qi energy and it flows through our bodies every millisecond in life. As the energies increase and change through the magnetic forces of the sun it effects our entire electrical system inside our bodies. This electrical system effects our cells mitochondrial activity, the way we metabolize energy, our central nervous system, our sympathetic nervous system, our endocrine system, our muscles, our circulatory system and the entire chemical make up in our bodies.

Because of the shifts taken place within our bodies on the physiological level this also effects our spirit, our minds, our consciousness or awareness. The collective is feeling these changes daily and more and more people are waking up to this understanding that what effects me also effects you. The understanding that we are a body of consciousness on this planet and our consciousness is also effected by these changing and increasing frequencies caused from these energies sources on the planet.

As we become more aware of these energies, we understand that what the ancient wisdom was teaching us, that the body has these seven basic energy centers in the body. The seven chakras of the body which are connected to our organs of the body. When we have an imbalance or a blockage of flow of this energy through our body, it is expressed on the physical level. This expression of an imbalance of energy flow manifest as uneasiness in our bodies auric field, our bodies bio magnetic field. This uneasy feeling is dis-ease…disease.

To sum it all up, the energies that our planet is moving through in outer space effects the magnetic solar energies of the sun. The suns ability to transmute these energies create an increase of energies felt on the planet we are on which is spinning through space, not just in one spot but through the entire vast universe. The galaxy that the planet Earth is apart of is also spinning, the effects of the energies in the galaxy is felt on the mircoscopic level in our bodies. The microscopic level includes atoms and molecules, the things unseen with the naked eye. This effect of increase and change in these energies effect every aspect of our wellbeing including our awareness or perception of what is….our consciousness.

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