12 12 Portal Facing Your “I AM” Shadow


Author: Eva Rozier Copyright 2022

12/12/2022 Portal To Ascension

Author: Eva Rozier 

Using this energy of the current planetary alignment to transmute deep emotional baggage you may have thought you worked on in the past that is now resurfacing. The root of the energy expressed during this transformational date is the allowing your internal personified shadows you proclaim about your self, your “I AM” shadows to appear.

During this specific day and days leading up to this day you’ve been manifesting circumstance that force you to do some deep digging inside. You may meet your twin flame on this day which mirrors who you are, who you say you are. On this day you may have something happen that forces you to see where your true intentions come from. Many of these emotions you have worked on over the years will again tug at your heart and soul opening up the portal to your ascension by not hiding away from them. 

When you proclaim anything in the name of “I AM”, which is the name of God, then you bring it by the feeling of it into your energetic field. Knowing that both light and shadow are the dance of God, the yin and the yang within. During this day you may encounter certain aspects of yourself that you have forgotten or hidden away in the shadows of your existence. 

When facing your shadow you embrace those deep rooted programs by shifting your awareness leaving the old and embracing the new. Nothing stays the same and when these feelings resurface know you have the tools to transmute them into crystalline energy. Checking yourself, listening to what it is that your are expressing in your imagination about who you are and what you stand for. Feeling that the old way just isn’t working for you any longer and embracing the light and the darkness of your self, embodying the wholeness of balance in your life. 

On this day a portal opens so you can let go of fear, let go of self doubt, let go of blame, let go of anything that is not serving your higher purpose in life. Knowing what your higher purpose is, embodying the shifts, releasing anything that makes you feel heavy about who you are, who you say to yourself that you are, your “I AM”. 

I am….the name of God which you are not just a piece of but embody wholeheartedly in your vessel, your instrument, your body which tunes you to a specific frequency. This frequency resonates across all realms, through all densities, through the etheric field of consciousness creating your realty, manifesting circumstances. Take a minute to breathe and just allow your self to absorb divine frequencies instead of these mundane frequencies that only bog the soul down making you feel weighted and burdened. 

You are shifting timelines shifting away from your understanding of what is old, the Old Earth of war and darkness to the New Earth of peace and knowledge. By resonating at a frequency that is high in peace and love not just for others but for yourself, you bring this New Earth, your new existence into fruition. 

This  New Earth is only for frequencies of open hearts and open minds. By being open, you embrace the wholeness of creation. It will be received and acknowledged by those who know its existence. This awareness of the New Earth will embrace your soul giving life and shape shifting  your every day reality. Welcome to the greatest consciousness shift in human history. The New Earth is here for you! 

To understand you are more than your physical body is the first step towards becoming aware that you have magic inside every cell of your body. This “magic” is also known as “life force”, “prana”, “spirit”, “quantum entanglement”, “energy” or “God” and flows through you the same as it flows through your neighbor. To become aware that your imagination is what is shaping and shifting your reality is to hold a simple yet complex key for your life. We all have one thing in common on the planet Earth and that is the “I”. 

What is love? Love is energy, a special quantum mana substance used in all of creation, in all of manifestations in life. Baking cookies with a splash of love will make those cookies taste much better. Anything done in love or out of love makes it grow. This same energy know as love is the same energy that flows through your cells in your body, this life giving force. You are a creator so you have the right to call it anything you want to call it. God and love are the same thing God is love and this energy flows through you to help you create your “I”.  I am is the name of God. 

Is an organ in your body such as the heart or such as the stomach also you? Would you be alive without your heart or any organ in your body? Is your heart you? Is your stomach you? Yes, it is you, not just apart of you because you wouldn’t be alive without it just the same as this God force energy in your body, this life energy is YOU! 

Feel wholeheartedly the simple but complex awareness that you have extraordinary human abilities to create along the side of other creators in this collective consciousness on this planet. We create each other, we create the World we live in, we create it by our imagination. We are all co-creators of each other and the universe hears your thoughts. 

What effects our imagination? What manipulates reality collectively in todays society? Programming….where does programming come from? 

If humanity as a collective on Earth goes only off the information we receive on a daily basis through watching the mainstream media then our understanding of the state of humanity could  be super negative. We start to imagine the worst when we see it being exploited out at us and when we imagine it we call it into existence. 

To understand that if one has the power to control the narrative by using the news then one has the control to shape this world unless we as a collective start to see the bigger picture by coercing our imaginations!!! What do you believe? Why do you believe it?

The greater part of human suffering is not due to natural disasters but instead is sadly inflicted by humans on one another.  What we consume as the mainstream daily “news” is not the whole picture but instead a imagined controlled narrative for the collective consciousness of man.  Even the way that the news is reported and commented on even by the so-called respectable news channels has true biases and distortions of what the truth is.  

There are so many positive things happening  that are not considered newsworthy but are in fact of much greater significance than any of those daily acts of violence and destruction. We have all been through so much these past few years that so many are coming to the conclusion that they are apart of something larger happening on Earth now. 

By knowing you are a powerful creator in your life, by turning away from the old TV programming paradigms, we all have the ability to shift the reality of our entire planet together one by one creating the New Earth. 

“The New Earth is an expression used in the Book of Isaiah (65:17 & 66:22), 2 Peter (3:13), and the Book of Revelation (21:1) in the Bible to describe the final state of redeemed humanity. It is one of the central doctrines of Christian eschatology and is referred to in the Nicene Creed as the world to come.” Wikipedia 

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