Where is Within? What is Inner Guidance?

Author: Eva Rozier, IE, RYT 200, RN, Starseed, Lightworker

Natural desire to have inner guidance, peace and clarity

As we draw closer to this wellbeing source, we start to flow into the direction of our intentions. This is a simple concept to grasp but only when we are able to become centered. There is this instinctive drive all human beings have inside and it is a question we all ask ourselves. What is my purpose in life? The truth of the matter is you are a part of the wave of consciousness here on Earth. Your life’s purpose is to love and to understand you are not separate from all other life. 

Stress states such as feeling separate, feeling lonely fade away when you grasp that you have intuition that is guiding your intentions. You already know that you are from a source of pure love, we all are. We all are love and high vibrating energy sources. We create our own reality through this inner guidance and intention. Once you start to think in the way of connectedness then this is the starting point of the source of wellbeing which is inside you all this time. Those emotions of negative source will fade out of your life when you understand you are connected to everyone, connected to all of life and you are connected to the universe. 

How we feel comes from our inner world. Peace that you seek in your life comes from you. Clarity that you seek comes from you. The two states of being is suffering and not suffering, awareness or unawareness. When you focus on suffering, you get more suffering. We have the choice. Suffering is due to individual thinking, it connects with the ego. By being in the state of not suffering you have the thinking of connectedness, that you are connected to others. Therefore I will say it again, your suffering is self-centered suffering. 

When there is a challenge in your life, you have a choice to focus on the challenge or focus on the opportunity. When you come from a place of focus on how bad your life is then there will be no growth or no source of wellbeing. 

Inner World 

“The five colors blind the eye. The five tones deafen the ear. The five flavors dull the taste. The chase and the hunt craze people’s minds. Wasting energy to obtain rare objects only impedes ones growth. The master observes the world but trust her inner vision. She allows things to come and go. She prefers what is within to what is without.” Tao Te Ching Verse 12.

In this passage of the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu shows us that the outer world that we see is given way too much attention to more so than the inner world. How can we know the creator when we focus so much on the creation before us? We are in this world but not of this world. By having eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose to smell, a mouth to taste and fingers to touch we as human beings can get sucked into the illusion that the physical is all that is reality. That’s further from the truth though. I’ve had this concept explained in many different ways but it was not until the Tao passage above that it really hit home. It made sense to teach others that basically if all you are focusing on is the physical, the already created, then you are not focusing on what to create, being the creator. 

The chase, the rat race, the always wanting more and more and more is a formula for absolute insanity.

A person that understands what this passage is teaching is a person that can be in the world but not consumed with the five senses for satisfaction. This chase for more money and more power can never ever make a person feel completely satisfied. The constant world of consumption only says to the universe that you don’t have…don’t have…don’t have. Sensory satisfaction is not what life is about. How can we arrive to inner peace and abundance when our entire state of being is about not having enough?  

Earth is only a temporary world of physical outer appearances. Your body which you were born into and will leave from is only temporary. Nothing here on Earth that is of the physical is lasting, not fame, not fortune, so it is so important to go beyond your sensory level. Instead of only focusing on the five senses go inward to your inner world. 

Where is inner?

Your physical senses knows that a sunflower is more than just that sunflower. The sunflower has soft yellow petals and seeds that portray an amazing sequenced pattern. Your inner self knows that the sunflower is more than just a flower. As you go within get in touch with the creator of that sunflower, the creator that created the flower from a tiny seed.

Understand that the seed arrived from a world of nothingness, a world of the unseen. This is your inner world, the unseen spiritual inner self we all have inside of us. See that the colors and the textures all come from a spirt that is unseen, a creative invisible force.

Now look at all of life from a transcendent perspective. To be able to see life from a higher transcendent perspective you rise above any given reality. When you shape your perspective you are able to go inward you will be less needing to live from this temporary physical place and join the chase. You will want to live your life from your true inner world from your true inner conventions not of this world. Quit being consumed with the attainment of more and more and more. Step back and go inward and watch how others are consumed with this chase when you can just relax. This transcendent perspective allows you to go within instead of without. 

Here is a poem I wrote in 2009 about the inner:

Internal Compass

Traveling on the road against the wind-
Trying to make sense of where it’s leading.
I feel afraid, alone, is anyone here?
Can you hear me? Can you hear my

Taking up space and wondering what this place is?
Why did I come here? How did I get here?
Blink and there I was!
Flying around high above, ground me!
Try to understand me! 

I cannot help who I am.


Made me this way!!!!


Take it slow.
Concentrate on the sounds,

Feel the air against my skin-

Hear the singing birds once again….
Just be still for a moment.
It’s all still spinning around me!
Is this what it feels like to be free?

I’m wondering.

I cannot understand how I got here so fast-
Rush, rush…..
Deciding I cannot do this alone!-
No matter how brave I become,

No matter what physical strength I’ve gained.

It turns into DUST!
The MUST of our own LUST!
It’s always inside all of us

Wanting more and more and more.
Can you hear me?

Can you hear my heart?
Can you see inside?

It’s not a question anymore.

The endless sense of time, 

Eternity becomes real-
Felt when I surrender to be still,
Let myself feel.

Guidance, which way this time?
Protection, from what causes pain-
Discipline, to stay on the narrow line-

Of endless time.

My internal compass, my God, my understanding of-

How do we get there?

Plant a seed and cultivate it, observe its life time with the knowing that you also started with that same tiny seed. Use this plant to remind your invisible inner self. “At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want.” Lao Tzu.

There is a way to go to that inner self, it is awareness. When you become aware of your true center, you wake up to who you really are. This requires you to let go completely of who you imagine yourself to be, let go of the ego that ties you to what you have or what you do. Know that you are connected to everyone and everything on this planet and in this universe. 

When you become engaged in the here and now, when stay in the center of your life, you start to feel as if everything is fun. Start playing with the idea that every single outcome good or bad is not who you are, stay that the center and visualize is all around you. 

Think of the oceans

Water remembers…..

Enlightenment is when the drop of water realizes it’s a wave in the ocean. Mother Nature can teach us the way in life. Simple yet complex our ocean rises and falls with the ebb and flow of its tides. The ocean sea shore shrinks then expands in a rhythmic synchronicity that is transcended by an unseen greater force. There is a reason that water is used for spiritual symbolism and yet so many are blind to its lessons cast out in front of them. The body of water is vast on Earth expanding its borders to 70% of Earth compared to the 30% of land that is on Earth. The numbers can show us how important that the ocean is but is it soles purpose to capture our senses? Is the oceans only purpose on Earth to embody life? No. The ocean can be thought of as an illusion of collective consciousness for the purpose of awareness and enlightenment. 

Like a mouth of a river flowing into the ocean we need to learn to go with the flow instead of going against the tides. Through following this one lesson the ocean has to teach we may discover that we become more flexible and not so rigid.  This lesson teaches us that there is an unseen force that allows us to flow into that large body of water from the beginning to the end. Ride the waves, go with the flow in life and you will find that you have more fun. 

Water is life!

Water is alive!

Water is listening….

Water is giving!

Water is taking!

Water has consciousness….

Water has memory!

Speak to the water from a place of love and know it listens.

Pray into the water, water intensifies your prayer. 

It’s sad but true people aren’t awoken to the fact that water has consciousness, water has memory and this has been proven multiple times scientifically. The claim made that water has memory was first made in the 1980’s by Dr. Jacques Benveniste. He was a pioneer during his time on this Earth to raise awareness about his discovery. This was a HUGE controversial discovery then after Benveniste’s passing another amazing man, Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Laurnate. As this information began to gain more and more attention we understand on a higher level now that our emotions effect water molecules. These scientist in Germany have unveiled some far out facts that water retains emotion and memory! 

Now just think about how much of our bodies are water, think about how much of the earth is water. This spectacular knowledge about water suggest that everyone alive on Earth is globally connected by water in the body that continues on its journey into other bodies. Most of us do not even think about this fact but the water that has been in my body possibly is in your body right now. 

Your intention, your prayers, travel from your spirit in an unseen electrical state of emotion through your atoms, your cells, your organs, your body to the water, the clouds then the rain. This is how the cycles of collective consciousness effects life. The water evaporated may turn into snow or rain or hail. Think of all the prayers you’ve said into the water that rains onto the collective life on Earth. 

It’s already there

As we search for the answer to the purpose of life we grow richer in spiritual awareness. When aware you are able to tap into the source of true intention. The source of true intention is spirit and is your soul. This search for the need to fill the voids in the heart with sensory temporary fulfillment will never satisfy the thirst for the forever expanding need for growth our souls crave. Our bodies crave nourishment for fuel to go on in everyday life but our souls crave expansion. This expansion is the same as the expansion that goes on every single day in the vastness of the universe we live in. 

There is an internal compass we all have inside. Spirit pulls us there and whispers to us through small lessons as the years pass us by on this earth. There is not one single day that you walk this planet that your intention, your soul does not speak to you. The gut feeling that you have out of nowhere is from intuition and when we learn to trust that intuition is when inner balance takes place. 

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