Spin is the Origin of Life

Spin is the Origin of Life Not Water

Eva Rozier| January 22, 2019

Spin is the origin of all life in the universe it’s not water like we are taught. NASA is on the hunt for water so we can explore further to say “life” exist. Ultimately it is spin that allows life to exist on any form or level of being. You are standing on a ball that we named “Earth” and it is spinning at around 1000 miles per hour or 1600 km per hour. Without spin water would not be on this Earth, you and I would not be on this Earth and therefore LIFE wouldn’t be on Earth.

Thinking about it from this angle, wouldn’t you agree any solid mass called a planet actually is alive? Like mother Gaia, like mother Earth these planets we are writing off as having no life actually are alive themselves. Sounds far fetch doesn’t it but this is true. This is another hermetic principle of truth. The very first teaching about the principles of the universe states “The ALL is mind, The Universe is Mental.” This means that actually, all planets are alive and have their own consciousness like ours does. This is because SPIN is the origin of LIFE not water.

Bob Marley says “come on and stir it up little darling, stir it up” in his most popular song what is he talking about? He is talking about stirring up emotions like we stir up a cake mix. What does stirring do? It creates spin therefore gives life. Without spin there would be no cakes, no smoothies, no toilet flushes, no atoms, no molecular matter, no PLANETARY ALIGNMENT and on and on….everything spins in nature in this holographic universe.

Nassim Haramein, a bubbly physicist that helped to develop a Unified Field Theory and the founder of Resonance Science Foundation and states “Everything in the universe is spinning: atoms, the energy field of the human body, planets, stars, galaxies and even the universe itself. Where does all the energy that it takes to spin all structures in the universe, at all scales, all the time come from? Good question.”


Spin or ANGULAR MOMENTUM is the giver of life, not water like most people believe. With NO SPIN you have NO LIFE. Looking at the definition of “life” (another word someone made up) we can clearly see that this word holds many explanations of what the word is. When most people think of life, they think of human beings, animals and trees but life extends far beyond those narrow minded viewpoints.

Why does NASA state over and over they are on the look for water on the hunt for extraterrestrial life? We do not even know if water plays a role in the homeostasis of life outside of our own Earth. What is the reason that most human beings do not even think about it in more detail than they do? One being that most humans are living a life created to make us NOT think about this. It’s easier to go along with the crowd as far as processing what truth or reality is.

Yes, with water there will be life no doubt about that according to what we already know but what about what we do not know? While we stand still on this planet Earth we have to wake up to the fact that we are suspended in outer space on this ball of earth we stand on and it’s spinning super-fast! Without spin you and I would not be here, neither would any of the water.

4 thoughts on “Spin is the Origin of Life

  1. Very good article.

    But, I wouldn’t say “spin” but vibration, albeit, that vibration, oscillation, that vibration often IS in the form of spin. A decade ago, I started my book off with just this sort of thing. Atomic particles and planets spin / rotate and revolve. God spoke, the ‘word’, the ‘word’ was sound and that sound set everything to vibrating. Toss a rock in a pond and waves ripple out, toss another rock in and when its waves touch the waves of the first thrown rock, then yet a third wave is created, one vibration affecting another to create yet a third.

    Spinning objects put out a torsion field. THAT is the “physics” behind astrology, that’s what generates the energy behind astrology.

    Here’s another thing so-called science has done, from my post “The Speed of Light = The Speed of Thought”:

    “… let’s talk Maxwell’s Equations a bit… Conventional science keeps trying to come up with some Unified Field Theory mathematical equation that basically sums up everything, but whatever equation is proposed always has some exceptions, hence it’s really not the ultimate equation.  It’s my understanding though that Maxwell actually had it right… initially.

    Unfortunately, someone else came along and “simplified” Maxwell’s equations.  Well no, that was NOT the intention behind this supposed “simplification”.  Nope.  What was actually done to Maxwell’s equations was that any reference to other dimensions and / or the Divine / Infinite Light was purposefully left out.  Those other dimensions and the Divine absolutely have influence on 3D so leaving them out will absolutely account for the exceptions that fall out of the incomplete math equations.  Just another case of dumbing down humanity.  Don’t let humanity know of other dimensions.  Religion had been doing its part in that for quite a while.  Now it was conventional science’s turn at it.”

    You said, “It’s easier to go along with the crowd as far as processing what truth or reality is.”
    This is what makes me say things like, “You’d be amazed how much ‘common knowledge’ parades around as Truth.

    And… I understand that so-called gravity is not what we’ve been led to be-lie-ve either. It goes along with the reason why planets (and higher level celestial bodies) end up in the orbital paths they do, it’s not about mass attracting mass per se, but it’s more to do with harmonics. The universe, ya know, the ‘verse’, is just like music. This solar system, as an example, has nodes / nodal points that the planets naturally settle into. Same thing with a vibrating string. If you pluck a string on a guitar, it vibrates along its whole length, but if you just touch the string right in the middle, you create a node, then it will vibrate at twice the speed of the whole string, which is an octave above the fundamental note of the whole string.


    1. My favorite response of all time….Loved reading it! What causes this spin is my internal question. Knowing this a holographic universe, there will always be a question inside of an answer. In my IE (intuative empath) perspective, you are completely right. “Spin” is caused by a vibrational frequency just like we see when patterns are made with sand and sound. Everything is inside of everything, as above, so below. What is happening on the large scale of this realty also happens on the super tiny scale.


      1. Ya know, much is made of spirals and spinning…

        Patricia Leva (hope I got that name right) had said in a book that she used to spin on her roller skates as a kid and that brought on spiritual experiences.

        The “whirlwind” is referenced in ancient religions and no mistake it ended up in the Wizard of Oz. I’d heard Frank Baum was in the Theosophical Society, so much occult meaning in the W of O.

        Judy Wood knows what brought down the Twin Towers. It weren’t exploding airplanes. She wrote a book called “Where Did the Towers Go.” She doesn’t know the “who” behind 911 but she knows the “what” and was just the perfect person with the right background to recognize it when she saw the evidence. Look her up online, several videos and interviews. It’s called DEW – Directed Energy Weapons. A hurricane that got little attention played a role in “dustifying” (Judy’ term) the Twin Towers.

        This is also involved in all the so-called “wild / forest” fires in recent years in California.

        One thing Judy speaks of is… ya know when people talk about there being straw stems imbedded in wood fence posts after a tornado, well, it wasn’t “driven” into the fence post, but the static field generated actually, well, my words “loosened atoms”, if you will. The straw and the post were literally occupying the same space then everything went back to “normal” and the straw was still in the post. 😐

        How’s Zat?! 😉

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  2. You are totally right! There’s much to be inquiring about the twin towers attack for sure! Some say that they know for certain that extraterrestrials had something to do with it and that those on the plane are actually abducted. We truly just do not know. Are we living in a simulation game as reality? At times, just like Elon Musk, I believe we are.

    Writing your own script is the key to this simulation because if you aren’t writing it, who is? We just never know….. I will definitely check out Judy Woods, sounds super interesting! With much love and light, I really enjoy comments! It intrigues every sense inside of me to know how others think on a deeper level.


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